7 Round LED Headlights

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Hey guys and welcome to another on boxing and today we have not one. But 2 boxes and in them our our it I JDO toys like as a high power 7 inch round headlight with daytime running lights and high though views for the jeep wrangler the jeep CJ admit this can also be retrofitted into many other vehicles with a set. You can see the unique spider I look. Very stylish black bezel made with die cast of. This product also comes with anti flag burning. And age 13 or H Ford that. This LED light is powered by 15 by 5 what Philips anything.
The build quality in this incredible and. Feel the weight to it and how for everything. Not to wired up you’re going to connect this adapter right here. And you can expect it to the other and like so. Yeah. You can see once I turn on how great these LEDs are. And I’ll show you guys what they can do in the dark. You’re the daytime running lights activated and LEDs in them. Definitely make you stand out. Here’s what the daytime running lights look like. And this is what it looks like when the site http://telkomrdc-media.com headlights are turned on.